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Dao Massage in Astana

Dao Massage in Astana
  • Dao Massage in Astana
45000 KZT

Dao ― massage ― is the massage uniting several types of different types of massage: Chinese massage, small heavenly circle, tsi-massage, guash, shiatsa, Ayurvedic massage, Tibetan massage, rebalansing, yoga-massage. Vrachi-daosy considered occupations by love as part of a natural order of things. Not only enjoyed sex and savoured, considered it useful and prolonging life. Philosophy dao ― patience. For following it needs to relax and become natural to join the infinite force. Dao of love developed from this natural philosophy of foresight, conservation of energy and flexibility. In a complex dao-massage allows not only to clear and revitalize both a physical, and spiritual status of the person (situationally, to remove symptoms), but also at regular use to change a way of life, to remove the disharmony cause. Distinctive feature ― dao-massage is not a Spa service. It is rather an annex to trainings, it is especially useful to those people who practice martial arts, to the yogi or play sports or sports gymnastics, care for a harmonious way of life and a physical and emotional status. Dao-massazh, yoga, a chi kung, an Ayurveda and martial arts ― the spiritual disciplines intended first of all not for treatment of diseases, and for achievement of a harmonious spiritual status. These disciplines speak about same in the spirit of, but technically different languages, using different ways for achievement of harmony. In east practicians there is no division between spiritual and physical health. Everything is interconnected.

Program duration: 1.5 hour

Information is up-to-date: 23.02.2018

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